Soft and Natural Faux Freckles

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Who else is loving the faux freckles trend lately? I think it gives such a natural and summery look to the skin, and can really complement a tan! I do have freckles, but I actually cover them with makeup most of the time, for this look, I wanted to completely cover them, so those of you with no freckles can still create this look really easily! I hope you enjoy, and that you learn something from this!

I started by applying a glowy, but full coverage base. 
I set it with powder, and applied bronzer all around the outer parts of my face, including over the cheekbones and nose, to give you a sun kissed and tanned look, because thats when you naturally get freckles. 
I also applied some rosy blush to give me a natural flush!

I took a very fine liner brush, Blank Canvas E28, and took the Smashbox Brow Tech powders in Taupe and Soft Brown, and started to dot these over the apples of my cheeks and nose, in a random order. 
I alternated between the two shades, because freckles are not only one colour.
I also then used the Loreal Brow Pencil in Dark Blonde, to do little dots. 
You want to keep them all very light, and natural. I also made sure to spread them out to other places of my face, just to make it look a lot more natural! 

To finish off, I took a Beauty Blender and bounced it over the faux freckles, just to make them look almost blurred, and much softer and more natural!

Do you like the freckle trend, and will you give it a go?


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  1. These look so natural, they really suit you, gorgeous! I have my own, natural freckles but I will definitely try this in Winter, when they are less prominent! Lovely post!


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