What To When Your Foundation Doesn't Match

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We have all been there. We buy a foundation, super excited to try it, pump it out and WOOHOO. Wrong shade. The most annoying thing ever. Well, there are some things that I have found that could help the situation not to be so annoying! These are just the things that I think help in an emergency, let me know if anything that you find helps, in the comments below!


Bronzer is your best friend
Sometimes it's as easy as swirling on a little bronzer all over. High points of the face, and maybe just a light dusting over the whole face. Make sure to use a very light hand if your applying to the whole face, with very small amounts of product, but focus it on the normal bronzing areas mostly!
Darker face powder

This is really easy, grab a face powder, that you know for sure is darker than the foundation, and matches you perfectly. This can be a pigmented setting powder, or even a powder foundation.
Hold off on any lighter concealer
If your foundation is too light, its not a good idea to add more lighter products on top, obviously. So, use a concealer around the same shade as the foundation, so your not making anything lighter.
Mix in a little darker foundation
This is the easiest, and probably the most used trick. Take a foundation that is too dark for you, and slowly add to the lighter foundation, on a mixing palette, or back of your hand. Slowly add this in, and keep testing to make sure you get the perfect shade.


Take a concealer that is lighter than the foundation, and highlight under the eyes, bridge of the nose, under the hollows of your cheeks, centre of the forehead and chin. This is going to lighten the shade of your face right away, and help lighten the face up. Don't apply this lighter concealer on blemishes, only on the highlight areas.
Blend it down the neck
Now, this obviously depends on how dark the foundation is. If it is just a few shades darker than your skin tone, blend it on to the ears, and down your neck. You could also blend it down to the chest, if you really need to!
Mix in some moisturiser
If you take some of your foundation, and mix it in with some moisturiser, it will sheer the pigmentation of the foundation, so that the colour won't be as intense. Its a good idea, if you are really in a hurry! Its also better on the skin as it is lighter and more breathable on your skin!
Have a light hand with bronzer
This is pretty obvious. Applying bronzer will only darken the face even more, so instead, focus more on applying a lighter powder, to still give a contoured effect. You can apply the lighter powder right under the area that you would contour your cheeks, the bridge of the nose and the centre of your forehead, basically non-touring!

Talk soon!
Chloe, xo

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  1. Ah amazing advice, I will definitely be using some of these! You have a really wonderful blog here, keep up your amazing work lovely! x



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