Burnt Orange Glam Cut Crease with Glitter / Ft. Morphe 35O

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I recently got the Morphe 35O palette, and I am obsessed! All the colours scream autumn time, and they are all gorgeous for so many different looks! I was playing around with it during the weekend, and I created this cut crease look, with a pop of glitter. I think it is so pretty and perfect for this time of the year! This look is also really nice with blue eyes, as the orange/red tones really bring out the blue in the eyes. 

Step One
Start of by priming the eyelid and setting it with a white/cream shadow. I used the shadow in the top left hand corner of the palette. 

Step Two
I took the light orange shade on a fluffy crease brush and applied this into my crease as my transition shade. 

Step Three
I took the orange shade in the top right of the palette and applied it to my crease using a fluffy pencil style brush. I then went back in with the previous shade and brush to blend this out. 

Step Four
I then took the much darker, almost red orange, and applied this to my crease to deepen the look. I used an even smaller crease brush, and then took the previous shade and brush to blend this out. 

Step Four
I then took a small, precise concealer brush and carved out my eyelid to crease, to create the cut crease look! Be sure to be very precise with this, and take your time with the concealer. 

Step Five
I then took Makeup Atelier glitter, and using a small liner brush, applied this along the crease, just above where you carved the crease out with concealer! I then set this with the white shade in the palette!

Step Six
I then took the same shades that I used in my crease and on a small pencil brush, I applied them to my lower lash line. I then took a blending brush and blended outward, in to a wing shape from my lower lash line. 

Step Seven
I then applied a thin layer of liquid liner to my top lashline, and then applied some false lashes on top, which is optional, you can just apply mascara if you like!

Talk soon!
Chloe, xo


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