Want Instantly Bigger Lips For Cheap?

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Bigger Lips? No Injections? Cheap? 

Everybody now is wanting to have fuller, pouty lips, just like Kylie Jenner! She is the one who kicked off the trend! Ever since, everybody has been doing it!

The secret, overdrawing your lips.

Some people, however are unsure the correct way to overdraw your lips, and if you don't do it right, it can look a bit silly! 

What You Need:

How You Do It:

1. Start with clean, moisturised lips. Before starting always wipe away any excess oils or moisture, as this works best when matte.

2. Start by taking Eastend Snob and over lining, every so slightly over the cupid's bow. ALWAYS draw back to your natural lip line at the corners of the mouth, if you don't, it looks a little fake.

3. Then you want to overdraw the bottom lip, again just at the centre, lining it back to the corners of the mouth.

4. Fill in the entire lip with the same Eastend Snob pencil, this is going to act as a perfect matte, lip colour, that will last all day long!

5. Then take Pale Pink and highlight. This is going to bring certain features forward and make them look bigger. Highlight, with any lighter pencil, in the centre of the bottom lip, and the same on the top lip. But don't go over the outline! You want the outline to be slightly darker!

6. Simply use Eastend Snob to blend the edges of the highlight, to make a seamless finish! Apply powder to further mattify if needed. 

None of the photos are edited or enhanced in anyway.

I hope this helped you!
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