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Everyone has different skin types. Its really easy to figure out which one you have, because thats where flawless makeup starts!
  • Oily- You may notice, about an hour after cleansing, you may become shiny especially in the T-Zone area (forehead, nose and chin area). You may even have larger pores. If you have oily skin, it is very likely that you will have to blot/powder throughout the day because you will become shiny.
  • Combination- This is when you have an oily T-Zone, but flaky/dry skin everywhere else. 
  • Normal- You don't have oily skin, nor dry skin, you have balanced skin. Your skin is smooth, glowing and healthy. (Your really lucky if you have normal skin type)
  • Dry- Your skin feels dehydrated and no oils appear after cleansing. You may even notice some flakiness. You will probably have small pores also. 
Once you know your skin type, you will then know what products will suit your skin type, from skincare to makeup. 

Once you know your skin type, then comes finding the right skincare to treat and suit your conditions.

I hope this helped!
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