Must Have Brushes!

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The 6 Brushes Everyone Needs!

Brushes are an essential part of makeup.
They play a very important part in how your makeup looks! 
This is why I think its important to buy good brushes that are going to do the job properly, rather spending a lot of money on brushes that are not good quality. 

I have tried a few brands, and fortunately, I've liked most of them.
But I do have to say, Real Techniques, is my favourite. 
EcoTools and BareMinerals are also really good!

The 6 Must Have's.

1. BareMinerals Full Flawless Face brush: My favourite foundation is the BareMinerals Original foundation and this brush is designed perfectly for it, as it gives a quick, natural finish. Its even great for powder, for a sheer application. I also use it for bronzer, on the neck and around my face for all over colour. 
Its a great multitasking brush! 

2. Sigma F40 knock off: I bought this on Amazon. It came in a pack of 8 I think. This was my favourite. Even though its really cheap and to be honest I though they were going to be awful. But no. They are actually pretty good! This brush, I use every day. I use it for powder, as I have oily skin, this really pushes the powder on, to lock everything in a and keep me matte all day! Its also great with foundation! 

3. Real Techniques Buffing Brush: This is my favourite brush. Ever. This buffs everything in for a perfect, flawless, non cake finish. I use it to blend bronzer, blush and even highlight. Of course its amazing for foundation too! 

4. Real Techniques Contour Brush: This is the perfect contour/highlight brush. I use it to contour, highlight, blush and to blend under eye concealer. I love it! Its also great for blending concealer on minor problems. 

5.Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush: This is another amazing multitasker brush. Eyeshadows (crease colours in particular), concealer, and blending nose contour. I have been recently using it to softly blend concealer on any imperfections. Its perfect for that! It also is super soft and will blend eyeshadows really well! 

6. Real Techniques Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush: I never used this brush at the start, I thought, personally, it was a bit pointless. I though it was too thick for eyeliner, and too thin for anything else. Until I tried it with concealer, ever since, its all I use for applying concealer as it is so precise and just applies the right amount! I wish I used it sooner!

I hope this helped you!
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I hope you enjoyed.
Chloe, xo

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