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Most people have dark circles, if you don't, consider yourself very blessed! Personally, I do have dark circles, and over the past few years of being obsessed with makeup, I have found the perfect way to cover them, without looking cakey!

Cover dark with dark
I learnt this tip from Make Up Geek a long time ago. Before that, I always thought that you used a lighter concealer under the eyes, but no. It never works anyway, so I thought I would give this a go! A lighter shade cannot cover a darker shade, it doesn't work, no matter how full coverage your concealer is.

How to do it

If you apply a concealer about 1 shade darker than your skin tone. Apply this right over the darkness, or over the area that you have used the corrector on.
Blend it out well. After that, then you can add your lighter concealer on top, in the triangular shape to highlight and brighten up under the eyes!

Always make sure to set your under eye concealer when you are done to stop any creasing, or from the concealer settling into any fine lines or wrinkles!

I hope you enjoyed this quick little tip!
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I hope you enjoyed this and it helps!
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