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Sunday's for me, is a family day. I don't usually upload on a Sunday, since I am a Christian, and I believe that working on a Sunday is wrong, although this is a Christian based post, and I hope you will all benefit from it!

BIBLE STUDY. If you don't go to Church, which I really encourage you to, just pick up a Bible, or look it up online. Read it. Start at the start, or just anywhere. Read it and study it. It is amazing, and you will really benefit from it! Do it everyday, not just on a Sunday!

PRAY. Spend some time with God in prayer. Talk about everything and anything, it clears your head, and gets your day off to a good start! Don't just do this on a Sunday either! 

GO FOR A WALK. This is usually after Church for me. My family and I, nearly every Sunday morning or afternoon go for a long forest walk. Its lovely, and gives you some fresh air!

PLAN YOUR WEEK. This is really enjoyable for me! Wether it is just sitting down and getting some stuff written into a planner, it gets your prepared for the whole week!

BE THANKFUL. Think of everything that you can be thankful to God for, from the past week. It is an amazing thing to do, and it should be done everyday!

Dedicate yourself to God every morning. It’s amazing what happens when you give God your time. - Joyce Meyer

I hope you enjoyed this, and that it will help you!

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  1. Although I'm a christian, i'm not overly religious so I loved reading this post and it gave me some great ideas on how to spend me time! x

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com


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