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If your like me, you buy a lot of makeup. If your like me, your running out of storage space. If your like me, this is going to be a helpful blog post for you.

I like to display some of my makeup. 90% of it is stored in my makeup storage drawers, but the 'prettier' stuff, I like to have on display in my room. I think it looks really cute and girly!
These are some really affordable ways to organise and store your makeup collection!

 I don't really know what you would call these, but they are what is shown in the photo. I got these particular ones in Primark for really cheap a while ago, but you can get these everywhere! Even Amazon and Ebay!
I think these are really cute to store little pots of makeup. I store some loose pigments, and some of my BareMineral's makeup in them. These look really cute on your table top, and are a really cute and affordable way to organise!

When you get a box of chocolates that are in a clear plastic packaging, keep the plastic container. They work really well in your drawers to section of your makeup and help organise your stuff. 
I use these in my drawers to separate mascara and eyeliner. They are also really nice to display on your desk as they look like acrylic storage containers!

You can get really cute cups from so many different stores, and they can act not only as a really nice brush holder, but as a holder for all your pencils. Lip liners, eye liners, eyebrow pencils etc. 
Its cute and easy to find everything too!

These are great for your palettes. It sorts them out, and makes each palette easy to find.
Its really cheap, and you can find some quite cute ones too!

I hope you enjoyed this and it helps!
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