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I love fake tan. I have been using it for years, and honestly, in the summer especially, it is a must have for me. As I have very fair skin, it makes such a difference, and makes me look like I have a natural and healthy tanned glow. 

SHAVE: I always make sure I shave really well to make sure my legs are as smooth as possible! It will also ensure that your tan applies evenly, and it is less likely to streak when you do this. 

MOISTURISE and EXFOLIATE: This is equally as important as shaving. You need to make sure that you apply a thick body butter all over your body, especially the knees, elbows, ankles, and any other dryer spots. This makes sure that the tan won't cling to those areas and get extra dark! The exfoliating will also make sure that all the dead skin cells are removed, and the skin is fresh and ready for your tan!

COCOA BROWN 1 HOUR TAN MOUSE : This is by far the best tan that I have ever used. It is so quick, and impossible to mess up. I take a decent sized dollop of this, and work it into my skin using a mit. I work in quick circular motions all over. I apply two layers of this, but this is only because I love an extra dark tan. I keep it on all night, or all day, but if your in a hurry, 1-3 hours is enough! 
I apply this once or twice a week, depending on what I'm doing. 

DOVE SUMMER REVIVED MEDIUM TO DARK : This is a lovely product to use daily, or every other day, to keep your skin moisturised and super tan. It is a lotion with hints of tanners, but it is so flawless looking on the skin, and keeps that tan super fresh and deep. It maintains my tan for a much longer time!

ST TROPEZ IN SHOWER GRADUAL TAN : This is great if your in a hurry and you don't have the time to use the Dove all over. Just turn the shower off, and apply this evenly all over your body. I usually put in a hair mask while I wait for 3-5 for this to develop. Then just rinse, and pat dry! It is very moisturising, and makes sure that my tan stays topped up!

I hope you enjoyed this and it helps!
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