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It's no secret that I am a huge Benefit cosmetics fan. From the gorgeous packaging to the amazing quality of the products, I just love the brand! Around the middle of May, I started to see a lot of different beauty bloggers and vloggers talking about new brow products from Benefit. I instantly knew I needed to get my hands on some! I decided to buy Ka Brow, to do a review, I have also got the Goof Proof Pencil, if you want a review on that too! I picked this up on Wednesday, but the official launch date for these is today, June 24th!

I had super high hopes for this; as I do with all Benefit products. I have never been let down by their products, and this wasn't the first. It is amazing! The quality is insane, and the formula is unlike anything I have ever used before for my brows! It is a gel formula, that claims to stay in for 24 hours along with being waterproof! I put it to the test, and this is the truth! I splashed my faced with water and practically scrubbed my brows, NOTHING HAPPENED. My brows still looked perfectly flawless! I was really shocked!

It is so easy to apply! The first time I applied it, I was pleasantly surprised by how effortless it was! The brush that is built in to the gorgeous packaging is perfect! I usually just disregard the brushes that products come with, but this one was really good! It glides on smoothly and doesn't clump up or go patchy! It's smooth and gives a natural (or bold) smooth and even look to the brows!

The price of this is decent, I wouldn't say that it is "affordable", but it definitely isn't too pricey! It is something that I am willing to pay for a high quality product, that will last for quite a while! The shade selection is also great. There is 6 shades, when I say there is something for everyone, I mean it! From the very fairest and blonde hair girls, to black haired girls! There is a shade for everyone!

Overall, in short, I love this. It is super creamy and easy to use, it is sweat proof, heat proof, water proof, rub proof basically, it goes on and stays there for a really long time! The packaging is just the cherry on top, and I definitely want to try more of the new brow products! 100% would recommend this to anyone!
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