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I was in Boots recently, and I was searching around for what I could find which was new, and that I haven"t heard much talk about yet. I found this Maybelline contour stick, one side contour, one side highlight. Immediately I was attracted to it, and I had to buy it to review it.

I have been trying this out recently, and I feel like it is the right time to do a review on it. PLUS, I asked on Instagram if you would like to see this, and I got a lot of great feedback on it! Hope you enjoy, and * Is there any products you would like me to do a review on next? LEAVE THEM IN THE COMMENTS *

Usually, cream sticks from the drugstore are pretty rubbish. I have tried a few, and some of them are a nightmare. They don't blend, they look blotchy and cakey, and they just don't look nice and natural and creamy. I was really looking to find the perfect affordable cream contour, and I think I have found it. 

Having very pale skin, I also find it really hard to find an affordable contour of any description to suit my skin tone, and to have a cool undertone. I noticed that this comes in two shades, light and medium. So it will work a lot of peoples skin tones. However, I wish there was a dark, so then even deep skin toned girls can enjoy this too! 
This has a perfect grey/cool undertone, and I think it is perfect to contour with. 

It is super easy to blend, and practically is seamless on this skin when it is blended. It blends very quickly, and it doesn't sit on top of your skin, making your makeup look thick and cakey. It isn't blotchy either, and it stays on for an extremely long time. This can also be built up, so you can get the intensity that you want from the product.

Then I tried the highlight side.
I can't say I liked it! I think it looks very fake and cakey looking on the skin. It doesn't really create a healthy glow, or highlight, so I just skip this step. I don't think it is great, and honestly, I would love if this was just a contour stick, without the highlight, because, I really don't bother with the highlight side.
No, it's not horrible, and it can be worked with, but it is not as good as the contour shade!

I hope you enjoyed this and it helps!
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