Khaki Green Glam

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A colour that I never play around with, is green. I love green shades and olive shades on other people, but personally, I don't think it's for me. Anyways, I wanted to create a look using green/olive shades. I actually quite like it, and I hope you do to!
If you try this look, or any of the looks that I post, tag me @chloexo15 on Instagram!

( Ps. My eyebrows were not this orange/warm in reality! Don't know why they came out that way in the photos! )

I started of by priming my eyes and setting it with a skin tone powder. 

I took a warm orange brown shade, and buffed it into the crease. I took this up higher than usual, and made sure it was very smooth and seamless. You don't want any harsh lines. 

I then took a darker warm brown shade, and applied it to the outer crease, again blend this well but not as high as the other shade. 

I took a dark khaki green shade, and applied it to the outer corner of my lid. I did this with a flat shader brush. Then take a small blending brush and blend the edges of the dark green, making sure it's a nice smooth transition!

I took a much lighter, olive green and applied it to the inner half of my eye. Again, blending the edges, but also making sure that where the light and dark shade met each other, it was smooth and gradient like. 

I took an olive green liner and lined my water line, and then took the darker green, on the other corner of my lower lash line, then the lighter shade on the inner half of my lower lash line. I also highlighted my inner corner and brow bone with a matte white shade.  


I applied winged liner, and then applied mascara, feel free to apply falsies!

Talk soon!
Chloe, xo

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  1. This is such a gorgeous look! Your eye liner is perfect, and that colour is gorgeous - it looks like a colour from my Cargo Vintage Escapes palette, which I'll be sure to crack out for this look! Lovely post, with stunning photos! xx

    Frances <3

  2. Wow your eyes look stunning, defo stealing this for my holidays :)

    Lauren x |


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