The BEST Fake Tan I Have Ever Tried!

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I love trying out new fake tans, even though some of them turn out really badly, some of them are actually amazing, and have become my new favourites. One of them being this B Perfect Self Tan Spray. This is a really unique tan, and really unlike any other tan I have tried. I love this one, and I think you will too!

One of the things that I absolutely detest about fake tan, is when they take forever to dry, and you feel sticky for a long time. This is not like that at all. Once you blend this into your skin, it only takes 10 seconds to dry. Yes, TEN SECONDS. That is honestly what makes this my favourite self tan, it makes it so easy and quick, no hastle.

I always look for a tan that doesn't develop into an orange colour, as does most people. This is the most realistic colour that I have found a tan to develop to. It really does turn into a golden tan colour. To be honest, the first time I tried this, I did not love it at all, but after learning that less is more with this, I have grew to really adore this tan. A little bit goes such a long way, and it literally only takes about 10-20 seconds to fully blend in. 

This blends like a dream. It doesn't go patchy, and it is very easy to work with as it doesn't stain the area of the skin that you spray the product on darker. I use the Cocoa Brown mitt to apply this, the B Perfect mitt that is recommended for this is awful. Its a black velvet mitt, and when your rubbing the mitt over your skin, the black stuff actually comes off onto your skin. It also absorbs so much of the tan, meaning that you will actually be wasting tan, so the Cocoa Brown mitt works the best with this tan.

Once washed off, the tan lasts me about a week. It can go longer, but I prefer to scrub it off and reapply, to keep my tan looking fresh and glowing.

I love this, and would highly recommend it!

Talk soon!
Chloe, xo

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