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I really love Instagram!

My theme, is very white. I was really inspired by other accounts that have that theme, and after quite a lot 'how I edit my Instagram photos' I took a go at it myself!

If you really like the bright, white, clean theme, then keep reading because I'm going to tell you how to get it! ( It's so easy!!)

This is a photo I took a few mornings ago.

I really liked it, so decided to edit and upload it! Here's the apps I used and how i used them.

-Afterlight. I use this to up the brightness, contrast and a little saturation!
It always depends on the photo of how much I will increase the brightness, sometimes it's only a little, sometimes it's a lot.
The contrast only goes up a little and the saturation, again depends on the photo but I usually bring it up just a little!

This is what the photo should now look like after the Afterlight app!

You can of course leave it there, as this is bright and white enough, but I go one step further to get it as white as possible!

-Facetune. I only use the whitening feature on this. I basically just colour in using the whitener on all of the white spaces and the background of my photo to make it very bright and white!
 (This does not work on all backgrounds, but does work to whiten light coloured backgrounds!)

That's it! That's all I do to edit my photos for Instagram! Told you it was easy! Of course you can add a filter to the photos but, I just leave it as it is!

Now all you have to do is pick a caption and some hashtags!

Tips for Instagram Photos!
  • Set your phone camera to square, this means that when you take your photo, your not gonna have to crop anything down, it will already be the perfect size!
  • Always try to take photos on a white/light background as this makes editing much easier, especially for a white theme!
  • Chose a theme and stick with it.
  • Always look for good lighting to take photos in!
I hope this helped you!
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I hope you enjoyed.
Chloe, xo

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