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I really love winged liner, I think it is a classic make-up look, and it is very easy to find a type that suits everyone's eye shapes. I came up with this look, as I really like cut crease makeup, but I wanted to create something a little softer, and easier! It is basically a cut crease, but winged out at the same angle as the winged liner, if that makes sense! 

Step One: Apply primer or concealer and powder to your eyelids to prime and perfect the base before you start. This will also ensure that it stays on longer!

Step Two: Apply your winged liner, in whatever style that suits you, or that you like best. I chose a thin wing. I used liquid liner with this, as it creates the sharpest finish. I'm doing this before the shadow, because I want to have it as a guideline for the 'second wing' that I did later.

Step Three: Apply a light brown shade into your crease using a tapered crease brush. Don't let much of this onto the lower lid, just focus it in the crease, where your going to put the second wing. 

Step Four: Take a dark brown eyeshadow, or black eye shadow, on a flat brush, and apply this precisely into your outer crease. When you come to the very outer part of your crease, wing this out, following the shape of your winged liner. 

Step Five: Take a precise, tapered crease brush, and softly blend the top part of the shadow, so it isn't too harsh. 

Step Six: Apply mascara, and highlight the inner corner and brow bone with a highlighting shade. I decided to use a matte highlight, as I wanted the look to be completely matte. You could also apply false lashes at this stage too!

Step Seven (optional): I did not apply anything on my lower lash line, as I wanted the attention to be kept on the eye lid. If you wanted to apply something on the lower lash line, you could use the dark brown shadow that we used to create the second wing. Make sure this is blended well.

And your done! 

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