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I love Christmas, and I also love makeup. So I thought it would be a fun idea to start the month of daily Christmas blogs with a Christmas themed tutorial! 

This is classic gold makeup. It's nothing too intense, and it's perfect for any events you have this Christmas! It's very easy to recreate too! 

Step One: Apply concealer to the lids, blend, and set with a powder. This make sure the eyes are primed, and you have a flawless base to work on! You can also apply tape at the corner of your eyes going up ward from the lower lash line to the tail of the brow. 

Step Two: Apply a warm orange/brown shade to the crease as you transition shade. This is going to help your blend out all of the other colours, and make the look have more of a gradient effect.

Step Three: Using a flat brush, apply a yellow shade, close to a gold. This is going to be the base colour for the gold, and will ensure the go,d will be nice and intense. Apply this to the lid, stopping at the crease.

Step Four: Take a slightly darker warm brown, and apply this the the outer corner of your eye, and lightly in the outer corner of the lid. Bring this down on to your lower lash line, blending it out using the transition shade. 

Step Five: Using a flat brush, spray some fix+ spray on to it, to dampen it. This is going to make the gold apply a lot more pigmented and intense. Using your favourite gold shimmer shade, apply this right on top of the gold colour that you applied at the start.

Step Six: Blend any harsh lines out with a clean blending brush.

Step Seven: This step is optional, but you may want to apply some false lashes and winged eyeliner. 

Step Eight: Apply the gold shade to the inner half on the lower lash line. Use a light highlight shade to highlight the inner corners and brow bone.

Step Nine: Curl your lashes, and apply mascara! 

And that's all, it seems like a lot, but when you actually do it, you will see that it is very easy, and doesn't take very much time! 

I hope you enjoyed this, and it helps!

If you didn't know already, I'm going to be uploading a new blog post, everyday until Christmas this month, so come back everyday for a new Christmas themed blog post!

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I hope this helped you!
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Chloe, xo

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