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At Christmas time, most of the makeup looks that we see, and that I have created, are very dramatic and smokey. Although some of you may love a really dramatic makeup look for the Christmas season, some of you, who may be younger, may want a more soft and subtle makeup look! So that is what I came up with for you all! Its is a simple, rose gold makeup look, with lots of glitter! Its is very quick and easy too!

Step One: I didn't use a transition shade for this look, but you can if you want to, a warm orange tone would look lovely with this look!

Step Two: I took the shade 'chopper' from Urban Decay Naked 2, and applied this with my finger to the outer and inner corner of my eyes. I used my finger as this made the glitter in the shadow really show up.

Step Three: I took a small flat brush and applied the shade 'half baked' from Urban Decay Naked 2, and I applied this to the centre of my eye, in between the 'chopper' rose gold shade. 

Step Four: I took a small definer brush, and applied a little bit of a matte black shadow from the Maybelline The Nudes palette. I applied this on the outer half of my upper lash line.

Step Five: I applied the 'chopper' shade, to the outer and inner corner of the inner corner of my lower lash line, and applied the 'half baked' gold shade to the centre of my lower lash line.

Step Six: I applied the shade 'booty call' from Naked 2, on my inner corner of my eyes, and right under the arch of my brow.

Step Seven: I applied Benefit They're Real lash primer and mascara to my upper and lower lashes.

And your done! It is such an easy and pretty look! It will also look amazing with blue eyes, but any colour of eyes can pull this off!

I hope you enjoyed this, and it helps!

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I hope this helped you!
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