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Brushes are a really important part of makeup, good brushes can really make a big difference on how your makeup looks! Personally, I invest a lot of money into my brushes to make sure that they are high quality and last a long time. I have been interested in Blank Canvas brushes for a long time, and I was very grateful when I received a set for Christmas! They are very good, and I really recommend them! Real Techniques are also a great brand if you are looking for high quality brushes. 

This post is specifically about brushes for your foundation/base makeup. So, if you want a flawless and airbrushed finish, then this is the post for you, and hopefully, this will help to you!  

FOUNDATION: BLANK CANVAS F20: This is the best brush I have ever used to apply foundation. Before this brush, I always used my Beauty Blender to blend out my foundation, which is great if you want a light or medium coverage, but this brush is great for you if you want the most coverage out of your foundation.
Simply use dabbing motions all over the face to create a full coverage finish, or buff in circular motions for a lighter finish.

UNDER EYE CONCEALER: BLANK CANVAS F02 and Beauty Blender: This is great as the small end of the double ended brush is perfect for applying your concealer, and the Beauty Blender damp, is perfect to flawlessly blend out the concealer.

SPOT CONCEALER: REAL TECHNIQUES PIXEL POINT EYELINER BRUSH AND BASE SHADOW BRUSH: This is the combo of brushes that I have been using to spot conceal for almost 2 years. I never try anything else, because the eyeliner brush is so precise and covers the spot perfect, while the base shadow brush seamlessly and softly blends to give a perfectly natural finish.

UNDER EYE SETTING: BLANK CANVAS F15: This is the perfect brush to apply your under eye powder. Its tapered shape makes it perfect to precisely set under the eyes, and if you use a brightening powder, this is even better!

FACE SETTING: BLANK CANVAS F25: This is a big fluffy brush, that applies setting powder to the face perfectly! It applies it nice and light so you won't get a cakey looking finish! This is also great for powder foundation!

BRONZING: BLANK CANVAS F03: This is the best bronzing brush I have ever used! It gives a really nice and soft bronzed finish, and it makes it so smooth and natural looking on the skin too!

BLUSH: REAL TECHNIQUES STIPPLING BRUSH: This is perfect for cream or powder blush as it applies the right amount of colour, and then seamlessly blends it out!

HIGHLIGHT: BLANK CANVAS F15: This, as I said before has a tapered shape, and it is quite small. So this brush applies highlight beautifully and diffuses and blends it really naturally too!

CONTOUR: REAL TECHNIQUES CONTOUR BRUSH: I have tried so many brushes for contouring my face, and I always find myself going back to this. It is tapered, and gives yo a really precise line, while the bristles around the tapered top blend it out to give you a defined but really natural contour!

I hope you enjoyed this and it helps!
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