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We can all admit that our eyes can look dull, and tired sometimes. If you haven't got enough sleep the night before, and you have to look put together and good the next day! We have all been there! I have some tricks and tips that will help you however, so no one will ever even guess that you only had a few hours sleep last night!

STEP ONE: Apply a good eye cream.
This is a miracle worker for tired, dull and puffy eyes. My favourite to use is Instant Effects Instant Eye*. It has a gel like texture, so it sinks in really easy, and it smooths the entire under eye area out. It removes puffiness, wrinkles, darkness and brightens the area within 15 minutes. It is amazing! It is a definite must have for anyones makeup bag!

STEP TWO: Apply a lighter concealer to brighten.
This can be whatever concealer you have, preferably liquid. Apply this in a triangle shape under your eyes, and blend with a damp sponge. Don't forget to take this right into the inner corner of your eye to make sure your hiding all of the darkness!

STEP THREE: Apply a brightening concealer.
The Bare Minerals Stroke of Light is perfect for this. It has light reflecting particles in it, so when your apply a light layer over the concealer, it will instantly brighten and bring light to the eye area.

STEP FOUR: Highlight the inner corner
Doing this is going to bring more light to the inner corner of the eyes, and make your eyes appear much larger and more open. It is an amazing trick, and takes no time at all!

STEP FIVE: Line your water line with nude liner.
This is going to open your eyes, and make them appear much brighter and less tired. It is going to conceal any redness on the water line, and make you look like you got a full 8 hours of sleep!

STEP SIX: Curl your lashes.
Curling your lashes is going to, once again, make your eyes appear much more open and awake. Give them good curl before applying mascara.

STEP SEVEN: Apply a lash serum
The Instant Effect Instant Lash* is incredible. It adds volume and length to your lashes, all in only 2 minutes. I use this almost as a primer, and let it dry before my mascara. It actually, over time, creates more long and thick lashes, without being harsh or annoying your eyes. This will help your eyes look much more open and awake because your lashes are going to be much more long and thick with mascara on.

STEP EIGHT: Apply mascara
Put your favourite mascara on, making sure to coat the lashes evenly, from root to tip. Making your eyes look bright, awake and open!

I hope you enjoyed this and it helps!
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