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I have been hearing so much hype on this product. I have heard Jaclyn Hill and so many others rave about how much they love this product. I have been really intrigued to try this one out, and the other day, I decided to bite the bullet and get this!

The colour range for this product is amazing. It ranges from extremely light, to very deep. There is 8 shades, so any skin tone can find the perfect match in this! I have the shade Fair Neutral, and it is perfect to highlight for me. I am very pale, and I can rarely find a shade that is super light for me to highlight with. This gives me a nice sculpted and defined finish, without having to use a tonne of lighter face powders!

The actual product is £17.50, which is a decent price, and around the same as the other high end concealers out there. I don't mind paying that price if the product is really good and high quality, which this is. This is really good quality. It doesn't feel heavy or cakey on this skin, no matter how much you apply. It glides over your skin, and doesn't settle into the fine lines or pores. Which is good if you have more mature skin and you don't want to wear something super matte and heavy, which could enhance and bring more attention to wrinkles or fine lines.

It is extremely lightweight, and actually feels as if theres nothing on your skin. I applied a super heavy amount of this to really test out how good it was, if it got cakey, thick, or hard to blend out. Nope. It still looks light and flawless, with a super even and seamless finish. So the weightless part of the name, is actually true.

The applicator is perfect too, it picks up the perfect amount of product and makes sure that you get the perfect amount for both eyes, so you don't waste any. It is also full coverage, it completely covers my dark circles, and also any acne spots.

All in all, I love this. I think it is definitely worth the money and I would repurchase. It is 100% worth the hype, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an amazing concealer, or just a concealer junkie, like me.

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  1. Agreed...just picked this up a couple days ago. It works really well and it is virtually weightless. Love how it blends!


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